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Storm Clean-Up in the Greater Charlotte Area

Combs’ Tree Service provides dependable and most the professional storm clean-up services. 

Cutting a tree that fell on a house.

Rapid Response Storm Clean-Up

When storms wreak havoc on your property, our team provides storm clean-up services in the Charlotte metro area. We understand the urgency of storm-related issues, and our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly.

Emergency Debris Removal

Our emergency debris removal services guarantee prompt and effective clearing of your property. Our top priority is safety, and we work to prevent additional harm to your surroundings.

Tree Removal and Pruning

In order to remove hazards and stop further problems, our licensed arborists specialize in evaluating storm-damaged trees and offer professional removal and pruning services.

Professional Damage Assessment

We assess structural damage, fallen trees, and potential hazards to create a comprehensive plan tailored to your property's unique requirements.

Debris Clearing and Responsible Disposal

We go beyond simply removing debris; we clear and responsibly dispose of it. Our team ensures that your property is not only cleared of storm-related mess but also left clean and safe for you and your family.

Site Security Measures

In the aftermath of a storm, we prioritize securing your property. Our team implements site security measures to prevent further damage, ensuring that your space is protected while the cleanup process is underway.

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